Auto bidding

Time-Limited categories for expressing an interest

The following applies to those not owed a Statutory Homeless Duty but have been awarded additional points for:

  • Supported Housing Applicants.
  • Prevention or Relief points.
  • Priority 1 or Priority 2 medical award.
  • Fear or threat of violence points.

The applicant will be expected to bid within 7 calendar days of the award of points. This is in line with the weekly bidding cycle. If the applicant does not bid but there are suitable properties available, then one direct offer will be made via the auto-bidding route.

Succession Applicants

Succession applicants who need to downsize due to 15a or are Local Policy successions will be given 6 months from the date of the letter of acceptance to bid on a property of their choice and if not successful a direct offer will be made via the auto-bid route.

Medical conditions and disabilities

Medical priority may be awarded if the medical condition is aggravated as a direct result of the property that is occupied (but not the local environment or the surrounding area).

The Council will consider medical information in relation to applicants or permanent members of the household and assessed to be members of the household. We will consider the nature of the medical condition or disability, how your current accommodation affects your health and how moving to alternative accommodation will improve that condition.

Applicants who indicate that they or anyone in their household have an illness or disability, which they feel is affected by their current home, or who may be vulnerable on physical or mental health grounds and in need of settled accommodation are requested to complete a medical self assessment form.

The medical assessment will be assessed by a Housing Options Officer. If it is considered that we have sufficient information detailing how the current accommodation is affecting a medical condition or disability then the application will be referred to the Council’s Independent Medical Advisors for assessment.

If your application falls within a time-limited category and you are successful for an offer of accommodation and you subsequently refuse to accept the property then your priority points will be removed from your application which could affect any further assistance received from the Council.