Uttlesford District Council

Eligibility for the Housing Register

Most residents will be eligible to join the list if they have a local connection

A local connection is established when you have:

  • Three years continuously living in the District
  • Family who have lived in the District for 5 years and who you giving, or they providing substantial support
  • Working in the District for at least 24 hours a week for the last 3 years
  • In some cases a Senior Officer may agree exceptional circumstances for home seekers to access social housing locally

Some people are not eligible to join the waiting list including:

  • Persons from abroad with no recourse to public funds; this is set out in law
  • Persons not deemed to have a strong local connection; the criteria is quite specific
  • Homeseekers deemed to have sufficient funds to meet their housing need - not including sheltered housing applicants
  • Applicants with housing related debt
  • Applicants guilty of unacceptable behaviour which makes them unsuitable as a tenant