Who can join HomeOption?

Generally, to register with HomeOption a person must be at least 18 years old, although there may be some exceptions. Please check the Allocations Policy of the council you are applying to.

Each council will generally only accept applications from single applicants (with or without children) or a couple (with or without children). Applications from other households (e.g. consisting of 3+ generations of the same family or 2 or more siblings) will be considered, but will only be accepted where there are clear reasons to do so.

Each of the local authority areas, together with CHP, have their own eligibility criteria. Please refer to the Allocations Policy of the council you are applying to (see links below in Other Useful Documentation section).

You can join as many housing registers as you wish, providing you meet the qualifying criteria in the authority's Allocations Policy. However, your priority may vary from district to district. If you wish to express an interest in a property in another council’s area you must be registered with that council because you can only express an interest on properties in council areas where you have a live application.