Which properties can I bid on?

You will only be able to see properties that your household is eligible to bid on. Other factors which may be taken into account when each council creates a shortlist (a list of eligible applicants who have bid) for properties will be included in the advert, such as, whether the home is accessible for households with a physical disability.

In each bidding cycle, you can then place bids on up to three homes suitable for your household size, i.e. single people will not be able to bid on family-sized properties. Please pay attention to the property details in the advert to ensure you are making the right choice. Expressing an interest inappropriately creates a longer waiting time for others.

Also, some councils will automatically penalise you for refusing properties you have chosen. Your council/landlord will advise you if any action will be taken because you have refused a property, for example, your application may be suspended for a period of time if you have refused properties on multiple occasions. Please refer to the relevant council’s Allocations Policy for further details.