What happens when I have chosen which home I am interested in?

Once the bidding cycle has closed, HomeOption puts the expressions of interest (bids) received for each advertised property, in priority order to produce a list of eligible applicants (known as the shortlist) for each property. Properties are allocated in line with each local authority’s Allocations Policy.

In general, the property is offered to the applicant who is top of the shortlist by the landlord after making further eligibility checks. Following these checks, if your name is still at the top of the shortlist, you will normally be invited to view the property.

If you refuse this property, the next person on the priority list will be invited to view the property. As mentioned previously, some councils will automatically penalise you for refusing properties you have chosen. Please refer to the relevant council’s Allocations Policy for further details.

Many landlords invite more than one applicant to view their properties at the same time, although the property is always offered first to the applicant with the highest priority who attends the viewing.

You may not be invited to view or be considered for a property if:

• You have any rent arrears or other debts to the council, housing association or other landlord for current or former rent arrears, a recharge for damage to a property or an outstanding private rented deposit loan.

• You have a current Notice of Seeking Possession or Notice to Quit from your council or housing association landlord.

• Your council or housing association landlord is not satisfied with the conduct of your current tenancy such as management issues, anti-social behaviour or your property has not passed a home inspection.

• You are ineligible for an allocation via the council’s allocation policy because you have sufficient financial resources to access housing to meet your needs.

• You have not supplied information requested by the council to verify your application.

If you are at the top of more than one list, the council will decide which property to offer you and the other properties will be offered elsewhere.

If you are offered a home, you will not be shortlisted for other properties until you make a decision whether to accept or refuse the offer.