Receiving an offer

If you receive an offer to view but you do not wish to or are unable to attend you must contact the landlord.

You do not need to contact the council or housing association to find out if you have been successful. If you have come to the top of a shortlist (a list of eligible applicants who have bid on a property), the landlord will usually contact you within a week of the closing date. However, a lot of properties are advertised some time before they are ready for occupation. If a person who was top of the list refuses, the next person who was on the list may be invited to view some weeks after the closing date. These shortlists will show as “under offer” on the HomeOption website.

Once properties have been let they are listed on the “Feedback” page on the website. As already stated, this may be some time after the property was advertised and you placed your bid. The feedback tells you how many people expressed an interest for each property, as well as the band/points and registration date of the successful applicant. This helps you to see how long the successful applicants had been waiting.

Due to the level of demand for social housing it is not possible for councils or housing associations to contact unsuccessful applicants