Bedroom Requirements

We give 20 points for each bedroom you need but do not have. In deciding the minimum number of bedrooms required the following guidelines apply:

Each adult couple or single parent - 1 bedroom (double)
Single person aged 16 or over - 1 bedroom (single or double)
Couple living together - 1 bedroom (double)
2 children same sex under 16 - 1 bedroom (double)
Two children aged 0-9 whatever their sex (double)

Children aged 6 or over should not have to share a room with someone of the opposite sex who is aged 10 or over.

Assured tenants of an existing East Herts social tenancy, who wish to transfer to a smaller property, will have 20 points allocated to their application for each bedroom that is freed up by the move. (The Council will take into account at least the minimum number of bedrooms guidelines when deciding on the number of points to be awarded).