Add Supporting Documents to my application

Please note that in order to process your housing application we require supporting documents. If you are submitting documents these must be uploaded directly onto your housing application using the navigation button

In order to process a housing application we need a copy of your passport. If you do not have a passport we will need a copy of your full birth certificate, which shows parent’s names, with 1 form of photo ID.  

Applicants will also need to provide identification for every person on the application. The documents that can be accepted include:

·        Birth Certificate

·        Passport

·        Driving Licence

·        European Union Identity Card

·        Immigration documentation


Applicants will also need to provide proof of the household income for anyone over 18 through providing

·        3 of your most recent payslips / proof of benefit awards


A full list of the supporting documents required is listed on the housing application under the heading ‘Documents Required’.   

Please do not e-mail these supporting documents, relating to your housing application, to East Herts Council’s Housing Options email address. All supporting documents must be uploaded directly onto your housing application, preferably at the same time as completing the application, which will ensure they are securely received without delay.