When choosing a property you are interested in, you need to consider a number of things


Please read the information in the property advert very carefully to ensure you are making the right choice. Expressing an interest inappropriately creates a longer waiting time for others.
Each of our Registered Provider (Housing Association) partners may have slightly different policies which may affect your eligibility. Any restrictions that apply will be stated in the advert where possible. The advert will also include who the property is open to, e.g. homeseeker or transfer applicants. The majority of houses will be advertised for transfer applicants only.
Some properties have a minimum age requirement, for example, in some cases only people over 60 years of age can apply. Any restriction will be shown in the property advert. Retirement housing with support will usually only be available for applicants over 60 years of age. However, there may be certain circumstances where younger applicants with support needs or mobility needs may be considered. If you are interested in retirement housing with support you will be visited by a Scheme Manager who will undertake an assessment of your needs.
This is intended to provide a guide to people who have various levels of mobility needs. This does not restrict anyone else from expressing an interest for these properties but the advert will often state that priority will be given to applicants with mobility needs.
Some properties will be subject to a Local Lettings Policy which means that certain groups of applicants will not be eligible for nomination to these properties. Local Lettings Policies will be agreed between Broxbourne Borough Council and the Registered Provider (Housing Association) whose property is being advertised. The advert will state if a property is subject to a Local Lettings Policy.
You can only express an interest in areas where you have a live application on the district or borough register. If you wish to express an interest in a property in another district or borough you must be registered with them. You can join as many registers as you wish although your priority may vary.
  • You have rent arrears or other debts to the Council or a Registered Provider, for current or former rent arrears, a recharge for damage to a property or an outstanding private rented deposit loan.
  • You have a current Notice of Seeking Possession or Notice to Quit from your Registered Provider landlord. This may be because they are not satisfied with the conduct of your current tenancy, for example, there have been management issues, anti-social behaviour or your property has not passed a home inspection.
  • You are ineligible for an allocation via the Council’s Allocation Policy because you have sufficient equity to access housing to meet your needs.
  • You have been unable to supply information requested by the Council to verify your application.
You do not need to contact the Council. If you have come to the top of a shortlist the Council will usually contact you within a week of the closing date. It is not possible to notify everyone individually when an expression of interest has been unsuccessful.