Band B

(i) Home seekers defined as a household, who are sharing accommodation with another household for a minimum of 2 years, which is resulting in a lack of at least one bedroom.

(ii) Home seekers who need to move to a particular locality within the District where failure to meet that need would cause hardship to themselves or to others.****

(iii) Home seekers who can demonstrate they would otherwise be one household, but are having to live apart from other members of their household because of a lack of accommodation, (which would lead to statutory overcrowding if they occupied accommodation available to them individually) but not for personal reasons (i.e. family disputes).

(iv) Home seekers needing one additional bedroom compared to their current accommodation.

(v) Existing tenants of the Council:

• living in 2 or 3 bedroom flatted accommodation (including maisonettes) who meet the Local Eligibility Criteria under Paragraph 14 of the Scheme (apart from the Housing Need element), making expressions of interest for houses that meet with their housing need, with their registration date being the tenancy commencement date of their current property.

(vi) Existing tenants living in sheltered accommodation, who are wishing to move within their own scheme or to another sheltered scheme within the District.

(vii) Existing tenants of the Council aged over 60 years, living in 1 bedroom Council accommodation wishing to move to sheltered accommodation regardless of their need.

Hardship Grounds

**** Hardship may also include a need to move to give or receive care that is substantial or ongoing as well as for access to specialist medical treatment where there are severe mental health, medical or welfare issues and there are exceptional reasons why this support cannot be made available through a reliance on public transport or on the homeseekers own transport.