Band C

(i) All Home seekers (in accordance with Paragraph 14.3 (f)) of this Housing Allocations Scheme), who need to move to be nearer to their place of work, or to take up an offer of permanent employment or an apprenticeship.

(ii) Home seekers sharing accommodation with another household.

(iii) Any member of the Armed Forces or former Service personnel, or serving or former members of the Reserve Forces who have no housing need, and the application is made within 5 years of discharge.

(iv) Spouses and children (including step-children) of existing and former Armed Forces Personnel (where the application is made within 5 years of discharge) seeking accommodation in their own right, provided that one of their family members (as defined by Section 113 of the Housing Act 1985) has lived within the District for at least 3 years immediately prior to the date of application.

(v) Home seekers needing to move on moderate medical grounds or moderate grounds relating to disability. *****

(vi) Home seekers in the Council’s interim accommodation awaiting their homelessness decision under S.184 of the Housing Act 1996 as amended.

(vii) Any applicant who is entitled to a reasonable preference under Part 6 of the Housing Act 1996 as amended and can demonstrate an exceptional need to either leave their current local authority’s area or move to the Epping Forest District.

(viii) All home seekers to whom the Council does not owe a full homelessness duty, where there is a requirement under Part 7 of the Housing Act 1996 as amended to afford reasonable preference on the ground of homelessness

Moderate Medical Priority

***** Moderate Medical Priority, being generally one or a combination of minor medical issues, to be determined by the Council’s Medical Adviser or a company commissioned by the Council to provide medical advice on written evidence and taking into account all known facts relating to the application. It is important to note that moderate priority will not be granted based upon the medical evidence itself, it will based upon the impact it has upon the homeseeker’s housing requirements and whether the homeseeker’s current accommodation is directly contributing to the deterioration of the homeseeker’s health. It will be considered based on the extent that the health of a homeseeker, or an immediate member of their family, will significantly improve by a move to alternative accommodation. No increase in Banding will be given as a result of “Moderate Medical” priority; it will only result in a homeseeker being a qualifying person under the Scheme should no other criterion be met.