Band 2

Qualifying applicants will be placed in to Band 2 if they meet at least one of the criteria below:

  • Following assessment by the Housing Service, the Council accepts that the applicant is threatened with homelessness and is owed the ‘prevention duty’. The Council must also accept that the applicant would be likely to fall into the priority need categories defined in homelessness legislation if they became homeless. This may include if the applicant has already lost their last settled accommodation, but the Council continues to assist them while they are making their own interim arrangments, and they are not residing in temporary accommodation provided by the Council;   
  •  The applicant is owed the ‘main housing duty’ by Chelmsford City Council as an accepted homeless household;


  • The Council makes a mobility health and housing award. 

       • The Council makes  a composite health and housing award; 

  • The applicant is a tenant of a strategically important supported or specialist housing project whose provider has an agreement with the Council and has identified that they are ready to move into independent accommodation;
  •  A prohibition order or demolition order has been served or is about to be served in relation to an applicant’s home. This indicates that the property has one or more  category 1 hazards that cannot be remedied as defined by the Housing Health and Safety Rating System in Part I of the Housing Act 2004. An applicant will only go into this band if the hazards cannot be remedied, and it is unsafe or unreasonable for the applicant to remain at the propery;
  •  A crowding and space assessment (under the Housing Health and Safety Rating System in Part I of the Housing Act 2004) for the applicant’s home has identified a category 1 hazard due to a lack of two or more bedrooms. This must not be due to any deliberate or unnecessary overcrowding..